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DAIGO isshoni. - Roll Sticky Note


DAIGO isshoni. - Roll Sticky Note.

The isshoni. series is created by DAIGO to assist professionals to improve their daily efficiency, enlighten their mood at work, or to make less mistakes. Isshoni means "do it together" in Japanese, and DAIGO aims to bring work-life balance to every office worker under this concept. The Roll Sticky Note is a self-adhesive roll of perforated notes that can be easily teared off for note-taking. The light adhesiveness allows you to stick it on to most surfaces on your work desk, including notebook pages or laptop and computer surfaces. The roll also comes in a compact size so it can be carried around effortlessly.
  • 80 Sheets
  • Sticky Note Dimension: 1.1 x 1.6in (30 x 40mm)
  • Available in 6 Styles

About DAIGO:

DAIGO is a stationery and paper making company established in 1944 at Osaka, Japan. Being an expertise in producing high-quality paper, DAIGO started to design their own planners in 1972. Since then, they have become a well-known brand for producing minimalist planners that are popular among professionals in an office environment.