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Midori, Mind Wave -

This week we've added so many fun new stickers from Mind Wave and Midori! Some of our favorites include this Japanese Folklore - Tales of Long Ago sticker sheet from Mind Wave's Nippon Collection. This gold-accented sticker collection features traditional Japanese symbols of Sweets, Ninjas, Onigiri, Nightlife and more. We also love Mind Wave's Custom Kitchen collection that features stackable and customizable food stickers - like this Pizza sticker sheet where you can build your own pizza!  These tiny, colorful Washi shape stickers from Mind Wave's Masking Seal collection are so cute and perfect for your calendar or planner. These square washi...

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Midori, Sailor -

The company that ships MD notebooks were closed due to covid-19, and they just reassumed shipping last week. Today we just received many MD notebooks and other Midori products. We also received more Sailor Dragon Palace as well. Sailor Pro Gear Slim Shikiori - Fairy Tale Series - Dragon PalaceMidori

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