New addition: Copic Sketch Markers

New addition: Copic Sketch Markers

 2020/02/22 Update: We will be taking copic off our site since we are limited by our space. We still still accept Copic marker inquires through emails ( Once we receive your request, we will place custom special orders and it takes about 2-3 weeks to arrive.

New addition: Copic Sketch Markers in enough colors to make your heart flutter 💓 We'll be adding Classic and Ciao collections to our site soon!

High-quality markers for drawing, design and modeling. The inks are alcohol-based, designed for blending with a long shelf life and wide range of color. They are capable of laying down smooth, even colors in a short amount of time.

Each marker is double-sided, with a Medium Broad nib on one end and a Super Brush nib on the other. Additional nib types are also compatible. The Super Brush is springy and flexible, and the Medium Broad nib is firm with an chisel.

The marker body features an oval profile that is roll-resistant on working surfaces and a color-coded cap for color indication.

Please find the following links to order specific colors:

Copic Sketch Marker:

Copic Classic Marker:

Copic Ciao Marker:


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