Yoseka Origin Series Has Arrived!

Yoseka Origin Series Has Arrived!

We've been talking about it for months and dropping hints and teasers (so sorry--we couldn't help being a littleĀ over the top about this one šŸ˜…), but now it is finally here and we are so excited for everyone to see what we have been secretly working on for the better half of a year!

The Yoseka Origin Series collection includes ourĀ ē”± Origin Fountain Pen, No. 01Ā ē”± Origin Ink, and Walnut Pen Tray.

ē”± Origin Fountain Pen on Walnut Pen Tray
No. 01 ē”± Origin Ink
Each product in the series is meaningful to us because it allowed us to work with different early and influential partners of Yoseka. FromĀ our favorite fountain pen makerĀ to the designer who madeĀ our displays for us in our first Sunnyside shop, each collaboration was chosen purposefully in order to allow us to pay tribute to Yoseka's beginnings, how we've grown and our future directions. You canĀ learn more about what the Origin Series means to us by checking out our YouTube and check out the full collection here.Ā 

This collection is a dream come true for us because it gave us an opportunity to make products we stand behind and are excited to use ourselves, and to honor everyone that helped us get to where we are. We hope that you are able to tell, in ourĀ conversations with you whether they have been in-person, via email or handwritten notes, through Instagram chat, or text message, how much we appreciate your choice to follow our story and get inspired with us.

As a thank you to all of our supporters, we will be including a limited ē”± Origin enamel pin in every order beginning midnight (EST) on Saturday, May 1st until supplies last.

ē”± Origin Enamel Pin



  • Marcia Straatmeyer

    I promised myself not to buy any more Sailor pens. I broke that promise . . .

  • Crystal K.

    Congrats on the Yoseka Origins Series!

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